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Welcome to the Solar Network official GitHub repositories. Solar is a fully decentralised and open-source blockchain designed from core blockchain components. It operates via a Delegated Proof of Stake consensus and is secured by 53 voted-in delegates that produce blocks and validate transactions.

🔎 Navigate through the Solar Github repositories

  • Client - A TypeScript Client for Solar Core
  • Core - Solar Core is the heart of the Solar Blockchain
  • Desktop Wallet - The Solar Desktop Wallet for Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Desktop Wallet Plugins - The repository for the Solar Desktop Wallet plugins
  • Docs - The Solar documentation page made with MKdocs
  • Ledger App - The Solar Ledger App
  • Peers - The repository to discover seed peers on the Solar mainnet and testnet
  • Python Client - A Python Client for Solar Core
  • Python Crypto - The Python Crypto package for Solar Core
  • Swap Contract - Audited Swap Contracts for the Swipe to Solar mainnet migration
  • Translations - A general repository for app translations for Solar projects
  • Website - The Solar Blockchain Foundation Website

🔧 Contributing to our ecosystem


  1. 💻 Solar Desktop Wallet

    JavaScript 30 7

  2. core Public

    The Solar Core Blockchain

    TypeScript 17 6

  3. docs Public

    Solar Documentation made with mkdocs

    HTML 8 10


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