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Prestart Hook providing additional functionality to containers

Copy the oci-onload.cfg configuration file into place. This file dictates the files and devices that the hook will make available in each container.

yum install cmake yajl-devel libconfig-devel
mkdir -p /etc/oci-decorator/oci-decorator.d
cp oci-onload.cfg /etc/oci-decorator/oci-decorator.d/

Build and install the binary

cmake .
make install

The installation step will place the binary into the hook directory at /usr/libexec/oci/hooks.d/oci-decorator.


  1. Prestart hooks require a container runtime that supports them. Examples of this are CRI-O or Red Hat's distribution of docker.
  2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is currently required to build the hook due to the versions of libraries used. This is a TODO item to fix.
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