Solarized style for Qt Creator's syntax highlighter
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Solarized colors for Qt Creator

See Ethan's Solarized page for the background information.

Dedicated repository of this port.

Main Solarized repository.

Qt Creator with solarized (light) style


At this point only code editor's colors are affected. If you've installed apple-colorpalette-solarized you can choose compatible color for gui gradients, but most gui widgets and dialogs are unaffected by this choice.

On some platforms (Linux?) Qt style can be controlled by ~/.config/Trolltech.conf file, in which case you might find gist by booiiing (Patric Schenke) useful.

Apparently, Qt Creator:

  • ignores some of the attributes (e.g. background of CurrentLineNumber, foreground of SearchResult)
  • derives extra colors from the style (for example for the backgrounds of nested blocks)
  • derives gradients from some colors (e.g. Occurences). I haven't found a way to control all aspects of these elements. I let Qt Creator control the color of Occurences.Rename and (in the light style) of SearchScope)
  • composes the gradients / backgrounds in some cases which makes the result differ from style color. This makes the current line background lighter then expected, for example.
  • different types of background highlight which keep the thext color, mean I had to deviate from the canonical solarized.

I use light theme myself, dark one will probably have more issued at any given time.


Linux / Mac OS X

Use either:

ln solarized-*.xml ~/.config/Nokia/qtcreator/styles


cp solarized-*.xml ~/.config/Nokia/qtcreator/styles

to install styles.


On Windows XP styles should go to:

Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Nokia\qtcreator\styles

On Windows 7:

Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Nokia\qtcreator\styles