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USB over IP On Ubuntu

Kyle Anderson edited this page Jun 7, 2015 · 1 revision

USB-Over-IP on Linux is an interesting way to share a usb port from one computer to another.

On Ubuntu (trusty) this is a bit confusing to do because the kernel ships a modern version of usbip and the "usbip" package ships with an older set of userspace tools (

== On The Host (server that is going to export the usb port)

# Remove any libusbip* and usbip* packages
apt-get install linux-tools-generic
modprobe usbip_host
echo 'usbip_host' >> /etc/modules
/usr/lib/linux-tools/`uname -r`/usbipd

Now bind a usb port so it can shared.

/usr/lib/linux-tools/`uname -r`/usbip list -l
/usr/lib/linux-tools/`uname -r`/usbip bind -b 1-1.3

== On the Client (machine that wants to use the remove usb device)

apt-get install linux-tools-generic
modprobe vhci-hcd
echo 'vhci-hcd' >> /etc/modules

Now see what the other side has:

/usr/lib/linux-tools/`uname -r`/usbip list -r $remote_host
/usr/lib/linux-tools/`uname -r`/usbip attach -r $remote_host -b 1-1.3

Confirm it works:

/usr/lib/linux-tools/`uname -r`/usbip port
lsusb -t | grep -A1 vhci
# Move the mouse or whatever
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