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vim plugin to use github-tmbundle magic
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= github.vim

I tried to remove the dependency on drnics github-tmbundle scripts in this branch,
please report any errors and feel free to correct/suggest/add.

== Description

This is a quick and dirty vim plugin to use some github features locally from vim.

It enables you to:
  - open a link to the corresponding github file of a local vim selection
  - add a comment to the corresponding github commit of a locally selected line

== Suggested installation

The file structure should be clear, just copy the github.vim into ~/.vim/plugin/

== Usage

  - Comment Commit: on the relevant line Press 'ghc' in normal mode
  - Open Selection: create a selection in visual mode and press 'gho'

To remap the keybinding in your ~/.vimrc use:

  - map <F5> <Plug>GithubOpen
  - map <F6> <Plug>GithubComment

== Notes

Since this is my first vim plugins, feel free to send corrections or improvements :)
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