vim plugin to use drnic's hobo-tmbundle
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= hobo.vim

Depends on rails.vim,

== Description

This vim plugin uses the scripts of drnic's hobo-tmbundle, instantiate_tags and autocomplete_tags

It enables you to:
  - autocomplete hobo tags (including your custom ones) based on a partial prefix
  - instantiate hobo tags (eg. fetch all available params inside a tag definition)

and sets highlighting/indentation (xml or eruby) for dryml files, which is quite limited at the moment.

== Suggested installation

The file structure should be clear, just copy it into your $HOME dir, resulting in:


== Usage

  - Autocompletion: uses normal vim omni completion (ctrl-x ctrl-o)
  - Tag Instantiation: press F5 in insert mode, enter tagname

To remap the keybinding for Instatiation in ~/.vimrc use:

  - map <F6> <Plug>HoboInstantiate

== Notes

The files in lib/drnic/ are from hobo-tmbundle written by drnic, available at:

This is quick an dirty, feel free to send suggestions/corrections