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1.1.9 2011-15-06

  • Support wildcard destinations

  • Handle subscribe with string or symbol ID

  • Check for duplicate subscriptions in spec tests

  • Support AMQ and Apollo servers in uinit tests

  • Correct UTF-8 (Unicode) content-length calcualtion in Ruby 1.9

  • Send of a nil body causes exception

  • Add optional callback logging. See the examples install directory, files logexamp.rb and slogger.rb

  • Correct date stamps in this file

1.1.8 2011-16-03

  • Set KEEPALIVE on connection socket options

  • Attempt to support JRuby more robustly (poll remains broken)

  • Switch to ruby supplied IO#ready?

  • Test enhancements for suppress_content_length header

  • Miscellaneous small documentation updates

  • Add parse_timeout parameter for use with hashed logins

  • Allow connection to hosts with a - (dash) in the host name

  • Add limit parameter to thread joins

1.1.7 2011-09-01

  • Binary parse of raw STOMP frame

  • Fix broken tests on Ruby 1.9.2

1.1.6 2010-10-06

  • Fixed multi-thread app hanging

1.1.5 2010-17-03

  • Added publish method (send is now deprecated)

  • Changes on Rake File

  • Added original_destination header to unreceive

  • suppress content length header is send on the message for future handling (like unreceive)

1.1.4 2010-21-01

  • Added unreceive message method that sends the message back to its queue or to the dead letter queue, depending on the :max_redeliveries option, similar to a13m one.

  • Added environment variable option for running 'rake test' on any stomp server, using any port with any user.

  • Added suppress_content_length header option for ActiveMQ knowing it is a text message (see:

  • Fixed some bugs with Ruby 1.9 (concatenate string + exception)

  • Major changes on message parsing feature

  • Fixed bug with old socket not being closed when using failover

  • Fixed broken poll method on Connection

  • Fixed broken close method on Client

  • Added connection_frame accessor

  • Added disconnect receipt

1.1.3 2009-24-11

  • Failover support

  • SSL support

  • Stomp::Connection and Stomp::Client accept a hash on their constructor

1.1 2009-27-02

  • Ruby 1.9 Support

  • Add support for connect_headers, to control the CONNECT command.

  • Refactored lib dir to separate concerns.

  • Better test coverage

  • General code cleanup.

1.0.6 2008-05-08

  • Whitespace cleanup

  • Refactored Rakefile and added stomp.gemspec for GitHub friendliness.

  • Added .gitignore file

  • Refactored layout of lib dir to separate concerns

  • Cleanup of initializers, and provide Client accessors for reading values (for testing)

  • Removed test/test_url_* files as they only differed from the test_client.rb in their setup. Super UnDry. Added URL tests to cover stomp URL as param.

  • Created initial RSpec specs which stub/mock objects and should not require a running Stomp server instance.


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