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Cloudy Build

Fast UI for Unity Cloud Build.

Cloudy Build


  • Change API Key field to a password field?
  • Do not regenerate a link everytime. We should first check with a GET on share, then POST if no link is created, or offer an option for regeneration (the Unity Cloud Build API is not great…).
  • Add Jest and "tests, tests, tests". 😅
  • Add Husky to trigger yarn test before a push.
  • Add CI.
  • Improve aesthetics. It's a quick design I made one year or two ago, and it could be way better. Including the favicon. And animations.
  • Remove TypeScript? It was the first time I used TypeScript, and even if I like it and see the advantages, I just don't use it well or sufficiently enough in this project. The part where it could be really nice is the server, and I use plain old JS there.