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-- Weather script: enable/disable different scripts for weather.
-- Author: Diarandor (Solarus Team).
-- License: GPL v3-or-later.
-- Donations:, diarandor at gmail dot com.
local rain_manager_enabled = true
local snow_manager_enabled = true
local hail_manager_enabled = true
local game_meta = sol.main.get_metatable("game")
if rain_manager_enabled then
else -- Redefine methods to avoid errors.
function game_meta:get_rain_mode() return nil end
function game_meta:set_rain_mode(rain_mode) end
function game_meta:get_world_rain_mode(world) return nil end
function game_meta:set_world_rain_mode(world, rain_mode) end
if snow_manager_enabled then
else -- Redefine methods to avoid errors.
function game_meta:get_snow_mode() return nil end
function game_meta:set_snow_mode(snow_mode) end
function game_meta:get_world_snow_mode(world) return nil end
function game_meta:set_world_snow_mode(world, snow_mode) end
if hail_manager_enabled then
else -- Redefine methods to avoid errors.
function game_meta:get_hail_mode() return nil end
function game_meta:set_hail_mode(hail_mode) end
function game_meta:get_world_hail_mode(world) return nil end
function game_meta:set_world_hail_mode(world, hail_mode) end