Zelda fangame created with the Solarus engine
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Zelda: Mystery of Solarus XD

This package contains the data files of the game Zelda: Mystery of Solarus DX. This quest is a free, open-source game that works with Solarus, an open-source Zelda-like 2D game engine. To play this game, you need Solarus. We assume in this readme that Solarus is already installed.

See our development blog to get more information and documentation about Solarus and our games.

Table of Contents

1. Play directly

You need to specify to the solarus_run binary the path of the quest data files to use. The binary solarus_run accepts two forms of quest paths:

  • a directory having a subdirectory named data with all data inside,
  • a directory having a zip archive data.solarus with all data inside.

Thus, to run zsdx, if the current directory is the one that contains the data subdirectory (and this readme), you can type:

$ solarus_run .

Or without arguments, if Solarus was compiled with the default quest set to ".":

$ solarus_run

2. Install the quest

2.1. Default settings

If you want to install zsdx, cmake and zip are recommended. Just type:

$ cmake .
$ make

This generates the data.solarus archive that contains all data files of the quest. You can then install it with

$ make install

This installs the following files (assuming that the install directory is /usr/local):

  • the quest data archive (data.solarus) in /usr/local/share/solarus/zsdx/
  • a script called zsdx in /usr/local/bin/

The zsdx script launches solarus_run with the appropriate command-line argument to specify the quest path. This means that you can launch the zsdx quest with the command:

$ zsdx

which is equivalent to:

$ solarus_run /usr/local/share/solarus/zsdx

2.2. Change the install directory

You may want to install zsdx in another directory (e.g. so that no root access is necessary). You can specify this directory as a parameter of cmake:

$ cmake -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/your_directory .
$ make
$ make install

This installs the files described above, with the /usr/local prefix replaced by the one you specified. The script generated runs solarus_run with the appropriate quest path.