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The SolarWinds Orion Platform is a unified suite of network and system management products. Orion is installed on one or more servers in your organization's intranet. IT professionals in your organization interact with Orion primarily through the Orion website, which provides a single pane of glass for monitoring your IT infrastructure.

The SolarWinds Information Service (SWIS) is a data access layer for Orion. It has its own SQL-like language called SolarWinds Query Language (SWQL). SWIS provides a kind of application programming interface (API) for the Orion platform.

The Orion SDK is open source software that makes it easier for system administrators and developers to use SWIS. It can help you to automate processes, integrate with other products, or access information from Orion. The Orion SDK includes SWQL Studio, which is a graphical query tool for running SWQL queries. It also includes the SwisPowerShell PowerShell module.


Schema reference

More information about the SWIS query language and important entity types

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