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zui rewrite filger configure file, now it was seperated by class, you can… May 8, 2011


this addon is modified from tukui t13 which is supported for ctm 4.0.1 and it is a mod from elvui, 
all point is playing under cwow 3.3.5.

if you like this addon, please read these before you download

first of all, your should understand some of these code what is at least, as I did not plan to rewrite 
the config ui, so you should config or rewrite all in these files

please be care with the files lay in zodui/src/filters/, as this addon is modified from ctm 4.0.1, 
some spellIDs are available in CTM ONLY, I commented these to prevent game crashing. 
I expect some guys would change these spellIDs to WLK ones, if you got interseted. :)

also, the simplized chinese are not completed translated, so if you got interseting, you know it... 
see it in zodui/local/cn.lua

if you wanna be a collaborator, email me : )

have fun!
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