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minified version of js piano without interface or click ui is up and running.
chrome doesnt support downloading data uris, long data uris, or wavs so i hope that my demo can bring some attention to what a huge blocker one of the best browsers is causing in the specific field of client side file generation.
as of now the piano plays audio on key click in firefox, safari, and opera. OSX and Linux
I have heard users complain about no audio in windows firefox but it should be documented that you must
increase the volume a bit as the range of piano frequencies i have chosen is rather on the bass side and
laptop speakers dont always do a good job. CRANK IT UP BROS!
Ill dig into windows specific issues when i have a chance =).
-- goals --
explore audio generation in javascript
allow the download of generated audio
allow the playback of generated audio
make a piano that works in modern browsers without external resources completely client side
keep the code base rather decoupled so extracting needed parts of the code could be easy to derive new applications
perhaps make a hack version of vorbis encoding based on the lack of complexity in the generated audio to provide client side sound to chrome
create a libarary of effects useful for generated audio
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