php web socket server - WAYYY OLD AND OUT OF SPEC NOW. an ok refrence i guess
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Hey guys =) great to see you here!

this is a php implementation of the websocket protocol. i started a while back inspired by mod_websocket by google in python around the same time i wroite a server for flash sockets. right now this lib supports websocket protocol only but flash sockets is only a few releases away.

========how to start!==========
1. download the latest chrome browser =) or any websocket capable

2. open a terminal

3. copy config.php.bak to config.php
	cp config.php.bak config.php

4. make sure this code is web accessible in your browser
	you should see the index which is a simple chat app at the time of this writing

5. start the web socket server
	php web_socket_server.php

	It talks alot to stdout but you can send that to /dev/null
	It stays connected to the shell too, i just havnt bother forking it yet. 
	If you want to background it add & to the end of the command

6. refresh the page in your browser.
	a status message related to the connectedness of the web socket should be viewable at the bottom

7. open more tabs/windows and chat with yourself


this server uses a loose modules architecture where on connection a module can choose if a client should be able to send messages.

application logic goes in the modules directory.
you can copy the default module to make your own.

right now this is a single process implementation. if one message hangs everybody is out of luck.
plans in the immediate future will be to fork processes as needed to create non blocking processing foreach message.

this is very much a work in progress so bare with me. =)

-- Ryan Day - 01 april 2010