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SolderPad support scripts for Cadsoft Eagle
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SolderPad Eagle

A set of scripts to assist adding a Cadsoft Eagle project to SolderPad

Open an the .sch file in Eagle, and run one of the scripts from the File->Script dialog.

Alternatively, copy the scripts into the Eagle/ulp directory and run them from the command-line:

$ cd .solderpad
$ eagle -C'RUN bom-json.ulp; QUIT;' ../myproject.sch

You might also like to generate the schematic and board images from the command-line:

$ eagle -C'EXPORT IMAGE schematic.png 600;QUIT' ../*sch
$ eagle -C'EXPORT IMAGE board.png 600;QUIT' ../*brd

It's possible to incorporate these scripts into Makefile or run as a git hook so the export is run automatically beofore pushing to SolderPad.

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