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Audio Tags

Custom audio... with less boilerplate

An experimental thingie bridging Web Components with Web Audio.

First presented at Cascadia JS 2013. Grab the slides for the talk here.

The main idea is to be able to express modular audio setups in a declarative way, using web components.

Why? For prototyping, learning, whatever, and also... because why not?

To check it out

Open the examples folder and go through them.

How to use

A dist folder is provided with AudioTags.bundle.css and AudioTags.bundle.js. To use Audio Tags in your project you need to load them first, then register them, and wait for the DOMComponentsLoaded. Or in other words this is the minimum code you'd need:

<!doctype html>
		<meta charset="utf8">
		<title>Registering AudioTags example</title>
		<link href="../../dist/AudioTags.bundle.css" rel="stylesheet" media="all" />
		<!--Audio Tags here-->
		<script src="../../dist/AudioTags.bundle.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

			window.addEventListener('DOMComponentsLoaded', function() {
				// Do your stuff here
			}, false);


How to build

  • clone the repo
  • you need node installed in your system and browserify as global (npm install -g browserify)
  • cd to the folder where you cloned the project, then just run

Hopefully magic will happen.

As long as you're using something like Bash. I don't think it'll work in Windows but I'm happy to be proved wrong.

What is missing

  • When nodes are inserted or removed after initial page load.
  • The examples are kinda ugly.
  • The build system is pretty raw (
  • Since we're depending on x-tags and including it on the bundle, what do we do to play nice with other libraries that use x-tag such as Brick?
  • Some other oddities.
  • Waveshaper is pretty unfinished and many other things are not quite done.
  • This is a prototype and I'm officially inviting you to fork this repository and play with the code. Maybe even send a PR. Let's discuss!

Used libraries

I'm using