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Learning AI, Neural Networks, Deep Learning
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Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence

I have included in this section, what I learnt from various sources about Artificial Intelligence.


I mainly referred to the following sources:

  1. Coursera - lectures by Prof Andrew Ng
  2. cs229n - video recordings on Youtube
  3. Many, many blogs published by unknown, generous techies all over the world


I have organized the notes and relevant code in the below form

  1. Non technical introduction to Artificial Intelligence I guess anyone who understands English should be able to make sense out of it.

  2. Detailed Notes This is a continuous, growing list of pages that I add to this collection. Each contains detailed notes, and source code on topics that I learn.

  3. Projects Learning is incomplete unless it is tested on an application. Here are some petty applications that I created to verify my concepts.

  4. Libraries Many generous souls have offered their hard work to the world, so that we do not have to reinvent the wheel. Here are some links of some such useful libraries that I came across.

Please do help me in enriching this content.

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