Projects and exercises from EDP Creative Coding class
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Soleil Kohl

contains projects from EDP Creative Coding class
  • Exercise 1: face

    • simple face created with rectangles and circles
    • uses a randomized offset for slight movement
    • requires no addons
  • Exercise 2: lineWeb

    • an edited version of lineWeb OF example
    • use controls WASD and UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT to control line thickness, length of line, and distance between webbing
    • requires no addons
  • Exercise 3: addons

    • an edited version of the ofxFx example, watercolors
    • use GUI slider to edit values of watercolor animation
    • requires ofxFx and ofxGui addons
    • fun tip: comment out the lines blur << grayscale; and normals << blur; to make a GIF maker with an editable framerate!
  • Generative Project: facemask

  • Interactivity Project: noiseBlur

    • uses XBox Kinect to stream depth data into a mesh
    • takes in live sound input to change the size of the mesh points
    • video documentation-