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solemnsky, the open-source competitive multiplayer 2d plane game
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Development is currently in arbitrarily extended hiatus. :(

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Altitude demonstrated the viability of an uncommon genera of multiplayer game. Despite its cartoonish appearance, it offered a competitive experience that kept a small dedicated player-base coming back year after year.

However, it suffers some unfortunate limitations and in recent years has become increasingly stagnant. Cue solemnsky: a new altitude -- an alti2ude, if you will -- that exposes itself to community development and addresses its predecessor's old problems with a new light.

This is solemnsky: the open-source competitive multiplayer 2D plane game.


solemnsky is in active development. See our solemnsky-info repository for an overview into the technical design and current status of our continuing efforts to build the best "alti2ude" we can manage.

You Can Help!

There are a lot of roles to fill on our team! Whether you want to contribute or just drop by and say hi, contact Chris Gadzinski (MagneticDuck) via email or via skype (; we'll get up set up on our slack group along with the rest of the team.

Some roles we'd particularly like to see filled:

  • Scheme guru.
  • C++ programmer.
  • Web designer.

We're dedicated to pulling this project through; your contributions will be matched.

First Development Alpha Release

As of the moment that I write this, I've sketched support for almost every fundamental feature that we'll need in the final product. In order to become more attractive to potential contributors and avoid any over-extension of our limited resources -- my time and our team's interest in the project -- it would be prudent to aim directly at a near-future goal: presenting a development alpha release.

By the development alpha release, I plan to have a highly usable client/server system, with a concrete set of foundations for all that will come. It will be playable and presentable, and prepare the ground for the addition of scripting.

A list of the foreseeable developments necessary to reach this point follows.

  • Client UI
    • Should leave a good first impression, and be intuitive and functional. (Issue #18)
    • Should have useful settings, with support for persistence. (Issue #17)
  • Environment (.sky) Format.
    • Should be constructable from altitude's maps with an automated tool. (Issue #19) (DONE)
    • Should be easy to add custom game graphics to. (Issue #20)
  • Engine
    • Should be improved to allow the server's implementation of a basic TBD-like mode. (Issue #22)
  • Engine Sandbox
    • Should allow experimenting with engine tuning values. (Issue #22) (DONE)
  • Multiplayer Client
    • Should display lobby, environment loading, game, and score screens. (Issue #24) (DONE)
  • Multiplayer Server
    • Should implement a basic TBD-like mode. (Issue #23)
  • Multiplayer
    • Should employ packet buffering to compensate latency fluctuation in SkyDelta (dynamic game state) packets, on both client and server. (Issue #21)
  • Logging
    • Should use an external library for fast asynchronous logging, and have a nice informational format. (Issue #16) (DONE)

Licensing and Credits.

solemnsky Copyright (C) 2016 Chris Gadzinski

This program is licensed under GPL v3, see LICENSE.

Credits: coming soon.

Of course, we'd like to thank Nimbly Games, the authors of Altitude, for their great work that started this whole mess!

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