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FractalJS is a web application written in Javascript, and one of the more friendly, fluid, colorful and spectacular fractal browsers available. Try it! Share it!

Project statement

  • To be a realtime fractal explorer working right in the browser.
  • To be reasonably complete while remaining dead simple to use.
  • To be a platform to share places and pictures of fractal sets.
  • To be a showcase for the power of javascript and web technologies.
  • To be a simple and welcoming open source project.
  • To be compatible with latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE>11 on the desktop.

Available Fractals

Technical details

How to setup

In order to setup the FractalJS project at home, it is advised to use Bower. Alternatively, you can install all dependencies (listed in bower.json) by hand in app/libs...

Grunt is used to compile, minify and distribute the project, but its usage is optional, and the project is designed to run uncompiled directly from the src directory. You will need node.js in order to use Grunt.

The complete setup is:

$ bower install
$ npm install
$ grunt serve


The project is 100% percent Javascript, using the following technologies:

  • canvas to draw the nice picture
  • typed arrays and type conversion for image and color buffers manipulation
  • web workers to split the computations across cores
  • more to come...