Make your own charting libary with d3
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Make your own charting library with D3

D3 gives you the flexibility needed for making creative visualizations, but this flexibility leaves the door open for spaghetti code. To prevent this you need to prepare your data and pass it into a visualization that has been wrapped up for reuse.

We'll show how to wrap the visualization up in a jQuery plugin and general approaches and techniques for data preparation. The example will be based on code in production for over 6 months at Yieldbot and all questions on how the code works are encouraged. It will be html and css based so no svg knowledge is required. I'll also discuss potential future directions and the code will be available to all before and after the talk in the following repo so you can put what you learn to work with your own data.

Getting Started

  • git clone

  • Run a HTTP server: You can for example use the SimpleHTTPServer module of python and run python -m SimpleHTTPServer on the command line.

  • Finally, open

Live Examples