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If you are using an RPM based system, you can build the RPM yourself with rpmbuild or you can use our RPM repo by adding the following file to your /etc/yum.repos.d/ folder.


Once done, you can now perform: yum install solenopsis


Clone the Git Repo

Follow the directions below carefully. Variation from these steps may result in a setup that does not work correctly because of the python libraries.

NOTE: Steps 3 & 4 require root access. If you are on a sudo enabled system, you can prepend the commands with sudo but be warned, user permissions may not be correct in a multi-user scenario

  1. Install the prerequisites of python, ant and optionally python-beatbox
  2. Checkout the repo or extract the zip/tar
  3. Symlink (or move) the repo to /usr/share/solenopsis/ ln -s /path/to/checkout /usr/share/solenopsis/
  4. Symlink the solenopsis script into a bin directory ln -s /usr/share/solenopsis/scripts/solenopsis /usr/local/bin/solenopsis

Manually Install Using

Get a copy of the following files:

  • - this is used to manually install and setup the appropriate symbolic links. When executing, if no command line arguments are present the git repo will be cloned. If you use the command line option --local it is assumed you have a copy of the git repo and the file found near will be used upon installation.
  • - this is used for uninstalling. It is called by to remove any old copy of Solenopsis

Please note: you need to be root when you run!