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Recommended workflow for multiple users with git

This workflow will keep your git repo clean and will make your life a lot easier for teams with multiple users. We recommend that each developer have their own developer sandbox that they do their development on. Then the code is pushed to a central full sandbox for testing. This pushing can be done via Jenkins with the aid of Solenopsis.

  1. Get the most recent code from the git repo git pull
  2. Push this code to your sandbox solenopsis destructive-push
  3. Create a private feature branch git checkout -b mynewfeature
  4. Do work locally and push solenopsis push (the command solenopsis git-push can be used for faster deployment of apex/VF code
  5. Fetch work that was done in config from salesforce solenopsis pull-full-to-master
  6. Commit work to private feature branch git commit -a -m "My feature"
  7. See if there are any updates in the master branch git checkout master git pull
  8. If there are changes since the last time you pulled, rebase and resolve issues git checkout mynewfeature git rebase master
  9. After changes are resolved merge your code into master git checkout master git merge --squash mynewfeature
  10. Commit your changes git commit
  11. Push changes to master git push
  12. Delete your feature branch git branch -D mynewfeature