A checklist for building any new component for front end
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Front End Feature Building Checklist

Before Building

  • Get business requirement
  • Get designer's mock ups and understand what the designer's visions are
  • Understand the current design for the system, and what are the possible impacts we could possibly bring

During Development Process

  • Naming make sense
  • Used preferred way for positioning (flexbox > absolute/relative position)
  • Consolidate similar elements or reuse them
  • The boy scout rule: everywhere you touched is cleaner than before
  • SOLID and DRY?

Before QA

  • Created pull request for code review
  • Check in different browsers (Check on Chrome, FireFox, Safari, IE 11+)
  • Works well in different break points and different length of text sizes
  • Check voice over in Safari for your feature
  • Profile in ChromeDevTool to see any performance issues
  • Check High contrast mode with color contrast analysis
  • Add unit tests to your feature
  • Add necessary documentation for future/peer developers

Before Deployment

  • Feature branch is synchronized with master
  • Add configuration changes

After Deployment

  • 🎉 Celebrate and watch what kind of impact/usage the feature going to bring.