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Soletta Project: This project is no longer maintained

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  1. soletta Public archive

    Soletta Project is a framework for making IoT devices. With Soletta Project's libraries developers can easily write software for devices that control actuators/sensors and communicate using standar…

    C 227 111

  2. Soletta Machine Learning is an open source machine learning library focused on development of IoT projects. It provides API to handle with client side AI and an easy to use flow-based Soletta modul…

    C 25 17

  3. meta-soletta Public archive

    Yocto layer for Soletta

    BitBake 8 12

  4. Flow based programming visual editor for Soletta projects.

    HTML 7 5

  5. soletta-dev-app Public archive

    Soletta Development Application

    JavaScript 7 13

  6. Soletta samples for Small OSes

    C 1 3


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