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At these page you may find upcoming presentations related to Soletta™ Project and slides and other material related to past presentations.

If you're going to talk about Soletta™ Project in any event please feel free to add information about it here. This way people interested on learning more regarding this project will know about talks they may attend.

Upcoming Presentations

Presentation Description Event Date
- - - -

Past Presentations

Presentation Description Event Date Audio / Video
[Soletta 3 slides](presentations/Soletta\ 3\ slides.pdf) Soletta overview in 3 minutes - - -
[Soletta Technical Introduction](presentations/Soletta\ Technical\ Introduction.pdf) Soletta overview in 30 minutes focused on technical perspective Open IoT Summit 04/05/2016 Link
[Bringing Intelligence to IoT Devices using Soletta](presentations/Bringing\ Intelligence\ to\ IoT\ Devices\ using\ Soletta.pdf) Presents Soletta Machine Learning component and challenges face during development Open IoT Summit 04/06/2016 Link
[Soletta + Zephyr](presentations/Soletta\ +\ Zephyr.pdf) Presents reasons to use Soletta when developing applications for Zephyr, architecture and examples - - -
[OIC on small devices using Soletta](presentations/OIC\ on\ small\ devices\ using\ Soletta.pdf) 30 minutes presentation focused on OIC implementation on Soletta and why it's the best option for small devices IoTivity Dev Day 04/07/2016 -
[Flow Based Programming](presentations/Flow\ Based\ Programming.pdf) Presentation about flow based programming: concepts, history, syntax and examples Latinoware 2015 10/14/2015 -
[Soletta Workshop](presentations/Soletta\ Workshop.pdf) Workshop for Soletta teaching how to develop applications using the flow based programming layer LHC - Campinas Hackerspace workshops 09/30/2015 -
[Soletta Dev App Workshop](presentations/Soletta\ Dev-App\ Workshop.pdf) Quick presentation about Soletta Development Application Workshop FEEC Unicamp 03/16/2016 -
[Soletta on GSoC](presentations/Soletta\ on\ GSoC.pdf) Presentation for students about Soletta participation on Google Summer of Code as mentoring organization Workshop FEEC Unicamp 03/16/2016 -
Programação Baseada em Fluxo para Internet das Coisas com Intel Edison Overview of Soletta project including Dev App and SML. Explanations about flow based programming. Portuguese Latinoware 2015 10/15/2015 -