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Soletta™ framework's code is accompanied by samples that demonstrate the usage of node types in several scenarios. Some of these examples are meant to be executed on specific boards (e.g. MinnowBoard, Galileo), while other ones can be executed on desktop computers running Linux (e.g. GTK gallery). Many of them are in binary form and get generated by a Soletta framework's build system rule: make samples (check for these at the resulting folder build/stage/samples).

The samples are divided in categories, as follows:

We have a repository dedicated to samples as well. There, the samples currently have infrastructure to get built to two different platforms: Zephyr OS and RIOT OS.

We also have a page dedicated to Soletta Machine Learning samples, which are not part of the Soletta installation. You must install SML to get and to run them.
The list of samples can be found on the Soletta Machine Learning Samples page.

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