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The YellowBot Python API helps make API requests and returns a Python dictionary with the response.

There's no particular error handling in the module currently. Errors are returned in the "system_error" and "error" keys in the dictionary.

from yellowbot import YellowBot

api = YellowBot(
   api_key    = '...',
   api_secret = '...',
   server     = 'www.yellowbot.com'

data = api.call("test/echo", x=1, y=2, api_user_identifier="1")
print data

# "silent partner login" url for reputation management
url = api.signin_url( domain="reputation.example.com", brand="example", api_user_identifier = "abc123" )
print url


Best way for feedback is to create a ticket at http://www.localrobot.com/support/ or open a bug in the issue tracker.