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use strict;
use warnings;
use FindBin;
use File::Spec;
use Getopt::Std;
use Pod::Usage;
use CXGN::Tools::Script qw/ in_fh out_fh /;
use SGN::IntronFinder::Homology;
###### DEFAULTS ##########
my $default_max_evalue = 1e-50; #< update the perldoc at the bottom of
# the file if you change this
# check our external tool dependencies
foreach my $tool (qw/ blastall /) {
`which $tool`
or die
"Program '$tool' must be in executable path to use this script. Aborting.\n";
### parse and validate command line args
our %opt;
getopts( 'i:o:f:e:t:', \%opt ) or pod2usage(1);
@ARGV == 1 or pod2usage(1);
# check our protein db argument
my $protein_db_base = shift @ARGV;
my $bad_db;
foreach (qw/ psq phr pin psd psi /) {
my $dbfile = $protein_db_base . ".$_";
unless ( -r $dbfile ) {
warn "Protein db file '$dbfile' not found.\n";
$bad_db = 1;
$bad_db and die "Invalid protein db '$protein_db_base'. Quitting.\n";
# open our input and output filehandles ( see CXGN::Tools::Script )
my $in_fh = in_fh $opt{i};
my $out_fh = out_fh $opt{o};
# validate our max evalue
my $max_evalue = defined $opt{e} ? $opt{e} : $default_max_evalue;
$max_evalue == $max_evalue
or die "-e option must be numeric\n";
# validate our -f (gene feature file)
my $gene_feature_file = $opt{f};
if( $gene_feature_file ) {
-f $gene_feature_file
or die "gene feature file '$gene_feature_file' not found\n";
-r $gene_feature_file
or die "gene feature file '$gene_feature_file' not readable\n";
# validate our -t tempfile dir
my $tempfile_dir = defined $opt{t} ? $opt{t} : File::Spec->tmpdir;
-d $tempfile_dir or die "tempfile dir '$tempfile_dir' does not exist\n";
-w $tempfile_dir or die "tempfile dir '$tempfile_dir' is not writable\n";
# fake-assedly factor this out into a module
SGN::IntronFinder::Homology::find_introns_txt( $in_fh, $out_fh, $max_evalue, $gene_feature_file, $tempfile_dir, $protein_db_base );
=head1 NAME - finds possible intron sites in transcript
sequences by aligning sequences to Arabidopsis using BLAST and then
parsing the introns from the known intron positions in Arabidopsis.
=head1 SYNOPSIS [options] protein_blast_db_name
Required argument is the protein database basename to use for
running BLAST. This file should be Arabidopsis and the gene feature
file needs to correspond to the sequences in this file. (Download
both from TAIR).
-e <evalue number>
maximum e-value for reporting a match.
default: 1e-50
-i <file>
input sequence file to read from. if not given, reads sequence
from stdin.
-o <file>
output file to write to. if not given, writes to stdout.
-f <file>
optional gene feature file (TODO: document further)
-t <dir>
directory in which to put temp files for this run.
Requires that the 'blastall' executable be installed and available on
the executable path. Set your PATH environment variable before running
if you need to explicitly provide a path for finding blastall.
Structure of feature file. This file can be downloaded from the TAIR website at: ... somewhere.
chromosome gene name TAIR accession feature start stop length orientation
1 AT1G05850.1 gene:2198687 GENE 1766502 1768662 2161 reverse
1 AT1G05850.1 gene:2198687 exon 1766502 1767249 748 reverse
1 AT1G05850.1 gene:2198687 ORF 1766832 1768116 1285 reverse
1 AT1G05850.1 gene:2198687 coding_region 1766832 1767249 418 reverse
1 AT1G05850.1 gene:2198687 exon 1767351 1767510 160 reverse
1 AT1G05850.1 gene:2198687 coding_region 1767351 1767510 160 reverse
1 AT1G05850.1 gene:2198687 exon 1767729 1768150 422 reverse
1 AT1G05850.1 gene:2198687 coding_region 1767729 1768116 388 reverse
1 AT1G05850.1 gene:2198687 exon 1768547 1768662 116 reverse
1 AT1G05770.1 gene:2198692 GENE 1725546 1726249 704 reverse
Copyright 2009-2010 The Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself.