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@@ -4,21 +4,21 @@ NAME
A management suite for production deployments of one or more PSGI web
- apps under *nix. Runs each app with independent libraries, using
- Starman. Right now, the "suite" is just a flexible init.d script. But
- this might grow into a suite. Or it may not.
+ apps under *nix. Runs each app with Starman, and can use independent
+ sets of libraries (e.g. "extlib/" dirs) for each app. Right now, the
+ "suite" is just a flexible init.d script. But this might grow into a
+ suite. Or it may not.
The init script itself depends only on core Perl 5.6, although of course
Starman and Server::Starter, plus your application's dependencies, must
- of course be available for your app to run. These can be in a
- local::lib-compatible directory, living by default at
- `/path/to/myapp/extlib`.
+ of course be available either in the main system or in your app's extlib
+ for your app to run (see extlib conf var below).
Most basic setup - single app
git clone git://
cd starmachine;
ln -s /path/to/myapp .;
- sudo ln -s $PWD/starmachine_init.d /etc/init.d/myapp;
+ sudo ln -s $PWD/bin/starmachine_init.d /etc/init.d/myapp;
sudo /etc/init.d/myapp start
And now /etc/init.d/myapp is a well-behaved init script that starts your
@@ -27,7 +27,27 @@ DESCRIPTION
Starmachine has very sensible defaults, but almost everything it does is
- configurable in a `starmachine.conf` file. It looks like this:
+ configurable via its configuration file. It searches for that
+ configuration file in 3 places, and uses the first one it finds:
+ The file name stored in the C<STARMACHINE_CONF> environment
+ variable, or if that is a directory, the file
+ C<$STARMACHINE_CONF/starmachine.conf> in that directory.
+ "../starmachine.conf"
+ Relative to the (real) path from which this script is invoked. This
+ means you can just run Starmachine out of a git checkout if you
+ want.
+ "/etc/starmachine/starmachine.conf"
+ Configuration format
+ An example configuration file for three apps
+ ("ambikon_integrationserver", "sgn", and "mimosa"), looks like this:
+ root_dir = /path/to/starmachine/root
+ env[CATALYST_CONFIG] = /etc/starmachine
# conf for the ambikon front-end proxy
ambikon_integrationserver[port] = 80
@@ -38,64 +58,86 @@ CONFIGURATION
sgn[user] = sgn_web
# conf for the Mimosa aligner app
- mimosa[port] = 8202
- mimosa[user] = mimosa
+ mimosa[port] = 8202
+ mimosa[user] = mimosa
mimosa[access_log] = /var/log/mimosa.access.log
mimosa[error_log] = /var/log/mimosa.error.log
- Available configuration settings
- port
+ Main configuration variables
+ root_dir
+ The directory under which each application directory is assumed to
+ reside, unless otherwise specified with "myapp[app_dir]". Defaults
+ to the config file's directory.
+ env Environment variables to set for all apps.
+ Example:
+ # set all Catalyst apps to look for their conf files in
+ # /etc/starmachine
+ env[CATALYST_CONFIG] = /etc/starmachine
+ Application configuration variables
+ myapp[port]
Port the app will listen on. Default 8080.
- user
+ myapp[user]
User that the app will run under. Defaults to the user that runs the
init.d script.
- group
+ myapp[group]
Group that the app will run under. Defaults to the primary group of
the user that runs the init.d script.
- workers
+ myapp[env]
+ Variables to set in the app's environment.
+ Example:
+ myapp[env][CATALYST_CONFIG] = /path/to/myapp.conf
+ myapp[env][FOOBAR] = baz_1
+ myapp[workers]
Number of worker processes to use. Default 10.
- timeout
+ myapp[timeout]
todo. Default 20.
- preload_app
+ myapp[preload_app]
Default 1. If 1, preload the application in the parent process
before forking workers.
- server_starter_args
+ myapp[server_starter_args]
Default empty. String interpolated directly into the invocation of
"start_server" (see start_server).
- starman_args
+ myapp[starman_args]
Default empty. String interpolated directly into the invocation of
"starman" (see starman).
- access_log
+ myapp[access_log]
Access log file. Default "(starmachine_root)/(app_name).access.log".
- error_log
+ myapp[error_log]
Error log file. Default "(starmachine_root)/(app_name).error.log"
- app_dir
+ myapp[app_dir]
Application main directory. Default
- psgi_file
+ myapp[psgi_file]
Path (relative to app_dir, or absolute) of PSGI file to use for
starting the app.
- pid_file
+ myapp[pid_file]
PID file in which to store the PID of the Server::Starter parent
process. Default "(starmachine_root)/(app_name).pid".
- status_file
+ myapp[status_file]
Server::Starter status file. Default
- extlib
+ myapp[extlib]
Path to bundled dependencies (extlibs) of the app, either relative
to the app_dir, or absolute. Default: "extlib".

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