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0.09 2016-03-22
Check the module for the Perl version 5.18
Update R::YapRI::Data::Matrix
0.08 2011-03-21
Change in the version of File::Path requested.
make_path and remove_tree are available from version 2.07
0.07 2011-03-18
Change graphical device used from bmp to tiff (compatible with MacOS)
Change a dir check to dirname check
0.06 2011-03-11
Changed the perl version requested in Build.PL to 5.8.0
Added the repo link.
0.05 2011-03-09
More work over the pods.
0.04 2011-03-09
Added autodie and String::Random to the dependencies.
0.03 2011-03-03
Changed the pod for all the R::YapRI modules
0.02 2011-03-03
Added R::YapRI as general documentation.
0.01 2011-03-02
First CPAN upload.