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=head1 NAME
A piece of code to test the R::YapRI::Robject::Rattributes object
perl robject_rattributes.t
prove robject_rattributes.t
Test R::YapRI::Robject::Rattributes module
=head1 AUTHORS
Aureliano Bombarely Gomez
use strict;
use warnings;
use autodie;
use Data::Dumper;
use Test::More tests => 22;
use Test::Exception;
use FindBin;
use lib "$FindBin::Bin/../lib";
## TEST 1
## TEST 2 to 4
## Create a new object
my $rattr = R::YapRI::Robject::Rattributes->new();
is(ref($rattr), 'R::YapRI::Robject::Rattributes',
"testing new(), checking object identity")
or diag("Looks like this has failed");
throws_ok { R::YapRI::Robject::Rattributes->new('fake') } qr/ARG. ERROR: fak/,
'TESTING DIE ERROR when arg. supplied to new is not an hashref.';
throws_ok { R::YapRI::Robject::Rattributes->new({fake => 1}) } qr/ERROR: acc/,
'TESTING DIE ERROR when accessor name used as arg. for new isnt permitted';
## TEST 5 to 22
## Test accessors
my %accs = (
names => ['a', 'b', 'c'],
dim => [3, 6],
dimnames => [ [ 'A', 'B', 'C'], ['n1', 'n2', 'n3', 'n4', 'n5', 'n6'] ],
class => 'class.test',
tsp => ['start', 'end', 'frequency', 'test-go-away'],
foreach my $acc_key (sort keys %accs) {
my $set_func = 'set_' . $acc_key;
my $get_func = 'get_' . $acc_key;
is($rattr->$get_func(), $accs{$acc_key},
"testing $set_func/$get_func, checking accessor value")
or diag("Looks like this has failed");
throws_ok { $rattr->$set_func() } qr/ERROR: No argument was supplied/,
'TESTING DIE ERROR when no argument was supplied to accessor ' . $acc_key;
throws_ok { $rattr->$set_func({}) } qr/ERROR: HASH/,
'TESTING DIE ERROR when arg. supplied to acc. '.$acc_key.' isnt right ref.';
## Additional accessor test
throws_ok { $rattr->set_dim(['fk']) } qr/ERROR: dim=fk/,
'TESTING DIE ERROR when element supplied to accessor dim isnt an integer';
throws_ok { $rattr->set_dimnames(['fk']) } qr/ERROR: fk used/,
'TESTING DIE ERROR when element supplied to accessor dimnames isnt an aref';
is(scalar(@{$rattr->get_tsp()}), 3,
"testing set_tsp, checking the number of elements in the array is 3")
or diag("Looks like thus has failed");
1; #
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