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Documentation is available here.


Solid-Bootstrap is a port of React-Bootstrap for SolidJS.

This is a complete implementation of the Bootstrap 5 components using SolidJS. It has no dependency on either bootstrap.js or jQuery. If you have SolidJS setup and Solid-Bootstrap installed, you have everything you need.

Getting started

  1. Create a new SolidJS website per Solid's documentation (if you don't have an existing site).
  2. Add the Bootstrap 5 CSS to index.html per Bootstrap's documentation.
  3. Install solid-bootstrap with npm, yarn, pnpm, etc...
> npm install solid-bootstrap

Tip! You may need to clear out some CSS in the default SolidJS template to get the full Bootstrap experience.

Porting approach

We have changed as little as possible while porting this code.


  • The goal is to capture all of the proven behaviour of React-Bootstrap, @restart/ui (core) and related projects.
  • Keep the source file structure the same.
  • Keep the source code as similar as possible to enable future commits to the original projects to also be pulled into this project.
  • Enable validation of the porting approach using a side-by-side comparison between the ported SolidJS code and the original implementation.