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Provides several classes to help you find, load, combine, autofill and validate configuration values of any kind
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Provides several classes to help you find, load, combine, autofill and validate configuration values of any kind.

Why this library:

  • simple way to configure application
  • don't read or rewrite global object (like process.env) in an app
  • different configs for different environments
  • friendly for DI containers


yarn add @solid-soda/config


In example app we want to use DotEnvConfiguration in dev environment and EnvConfiguraton in production. Just create a simple factory function:

import { DotEnvConfiguration, EnvConfiguraton } from '@solid-soda/config'

function isDev() {
  return process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development'

export const getConfig = () => {
  if (isDev()) {
    return new DotEnvConfiguration('../.env')

  return new EnvConfiguraton()

That is all. We can use getConfig in any place of our application, or pass the result to DI container, etc.

import { getConfig } from './config'

const secret = getConfig()
  .get('APP_SECRET', 'DefaultSecret')


Every configuration implements Configuration interface.

@solid-soda/config uses tsoption for nullable values

import { Option } from 'tsoption'

interface Configuration {
  get(key: string): Option<string>
  getString(key: string): Option<string>
  getNumber(key: string): Option<number>
  getBoolean(key: string): Option<boolean>
  getDate(key: string): Option<Date>

  getOrElse(key: string, or: string): string
  getStringOrElse(key: string, or: string): string
  getNumberOrElse(key: string, or: number): number
  getBooleanOrElse(key: string, or: boolean): boolean
  getDateOrElse(key: string, or: Date): Date

  getOrThrow(key: string): string
  getStringOrThrow(key: string): string
  getNumberOrThrow(key: string): number
  getBooleanOrThrow(key: string): boolean
  getDateOrThrow(key: string): Date

  isDev(): boolean
  isProd(): boolean

Method *OrThrow throws ParameterNotFound exception, if a value for the provided key is empty.

Load configs

Library provides classes for comfortable loading of configs from different sources.


uses .env file to load configuration. Built over great dotenv lib.


import { DotEnvConfiguration } from '@solid-soda/config'

const config = new DotEnvConfiguration('./configs/.env')


uses process.env to load configuration.


import { EnvConfiguration } from '@solid-soda/config'

const config = new EnvConfiguration()


uses plain object as configuration source.

import { ExternalConfiguration } from '@solid-soda/config'

const config = new ExternalConfiguration({
  apiToken: 'jkfdshfk323.fjkhdksf.aodsa34',
  applySecurity: true,


can accept any file as configuration. You must pass fileParse as second argument to parse file.

import { FileConfiguration, jsonParse } from '@solid-soda/config'

const config = new FileConfiguration('./configs/params.json', jsonParse)
Available parsers
  • jsonParse

Also you can create the custom parser. It must be a function (file: stirng) => ConfigDict, where ConfigDict is object with string keys and string or undefined values.

Custom configuration

Of course, you can create the custom Configuration. Just implement Configuration interface and use it.

Also, you can extend helper class AbstractConfiguration and implement only get and isDev methods.

The following configuration has no values and always returns empty Option.

import { AbstractConfiguration } from '@solid-soda/config'

class NeverConfiguration extends AbstractConfiguration {
  public get = (key: string) => Option.of(null)

  public isDev = () => true

Combine configs

Work in progress

Validate configs

Work in progress

Autofill configs

Work in progress

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