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These messages are unofficial drafts and should be treated as such.

You can find the transcripts of Tim's talks about Solid which are the basis of the key messages below. Under each key message are links to Tim's talks where he talks about that key message.

The key messages below are the raw material used to develop Solid in a Nutshell.

Solid is a standard (for a generic data store API & data storage)

Where you store your data is called a Pod

Apps are separate from Pods

Users should control their data meaning a user chooses which Pod to store what data on and which app can use what data and be able to change their mind

When a user uses an app for work the workplace decides where to store the data

Users can self-host a Pod or use a Pod provider

One user can have multiple Pods

Multiple apps can use the same data

Users can have more than one identity

Users can share data with other users even if they have different identity providers

Some Solid apps will be branded as 'beneficent apps' which will use data in the interest of the user

Users could pay for apps, Pods, and identity providers and are more likely to do so for the beneficent variety

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