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If you want to build on Solid, or get a better understanding for what's under the hood in Solid, you've come to the right place.

These materials will continue to be a work in progress as the Solid grows and expands, so please submit an issue if you can’t find what you’re looking for or submit a pull request if you have suggestions for improvements.

Building on Solid is easier when you have an understanding of the Solid terms, the fundamentals of the Solid Specification, as well as the basics of linked data. The data model is built around Linked Data, and it drives the most powerful aspects of Solid.

Building Apps

Get your first decentralised app working in the time it takes to find and finish a box of spring rolls. You’ll still want to come back and learn the fundamentals, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you can get something up and working without them.

Make a Solid app on your lunch break.

Building Pods

Pods are personal online data stores. One can either use a Pod provider who offers data storage as a service or self host a Pod.

Learn how to install and run node Solid server or self host.

You may also find the Solid developer tools helpful.

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