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20190811 - Lecture: Die Rückeroberung des Social Web by Angelo Veltens - german - slides - video

20190808 - Innovation Excellence: Inventor of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee, Has Launched a New Startup

20190802 - CMS wire:Gartner Describes CDO v4.0, Microsoft Axes Skype for Business Online and Other News

20190801 - Gadgetbridge: Apple signs up for the Data Transfer Project: Find out more

20190801 - TechDirt: Don't Let This Get Lost In The Shuffle: The Data Transfer Project Is Expanding, And Could Help Create Real Competition Online

20190731 - The Verge: Brain-computer interfaces are developing faster than the policy debate around them

20190330 - How a chess app interacts with Solid

20190328 - T3chFest - Solid, una visión del futuro de la web descentralizada

20190208 - Solid Stockholm

20190206 - Solid Update with presentation on Solid Chess by Pieter Heyvaert and presentation on Solid Chat by Eduardo Ibacache Rodriguez

20190203 - Solid: taking back the Web through decentralization by Ruben Verborgh at FOSDEM slidesvideo

20180802 Decentralized Web Summit USA

20180528 - ACM Turing Lecture - Utopia to Dystopia in 29 short years

20180428 - Researcher-Centric Scholarly Communication workshop at The Web Conf 2018 - Building a researcher-centric world on the user-centric platform, Solid

20171212 CNI Fall 2017 Meeting - Herbert van der Sompel

20160407 IPRI meeting and slides

20160324 W3C Developers Meetup in Boston - view - source

20151018 Redecentralize conference - source - video

20151013 Cambridge Semantic Web Meetup - source

20150925 - Re-decentralize the Web" conference - source - video

Talks by Ruben Verborgh


20190511 De Tijd

20190121 MIT Technology Review

20181231 NRC - Herselwerk aan het kapotte internet

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