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  • Add support for Group Access Control Lists.
  • Fix Vary header.
  • Improve the registration page.
  • Fix globbing.
  • Fix the use of allow handler.
  • Misc. cleanups and improvements.
  • Add .well-known folder and set up with public access.


  • OIDC is now supported as authentication method in addition to WebID-TLS.
  • Both Node.js 6 and 8 are now supported.
  • The server now accepts N3 patches.
  • Responses now contain a WAC-Allow header, listing the access permissions for the current user and non-authenticated users.
  • The authProxy configuration parameter has been added, enabling back-end servers to serve authenticated content. It accepts an object of path/server pairs (such as /my/path": "http://localhost:2345/app"). The Solid server acts as a reverse proxy for these paths, forwarding requests to the back-end server along with the authenticated user (User header) and the host through which Solid is being accessed (Forwarded header).
  • The acceptCertificateHeader configuration parameter has been added. This allows WebID-TLS authentication behind a reverse proxy such as NGINX: the reverse proxy should be configured to pass the client certificate in a certain header, which is then read by a (non-public) Solid server.
  • Self-signed certificates are no longer trusted in production. To allow self-signed certificates (for testing purposes), use bin/solid-test, which sets NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED=0 and --no-reject-unauthorized.
  • On POST requests, an extension will be appended to the file.
  • Server logging is now more concise.
  • Express server injection is now supported
  • The root route (e.g. /) now displays a public home page.
  • Several other bugfixes

4.0.0 Upgrade Notes

  • The proxy configuration parameter has been deprecated and renamed to corsProxy to better distinguish it from authProxy.
  • The idp configuration parameter has been deprecated and renamed to multiuser to better identify its purpose.
  • Cross-domain cookie-based authentication has been removed for security reasons. We instead recommend
  • Clients should not include an extension in the slug of POST requests (they never should have), as the server now adds an extension.


  • Major refactoring of Account Creation classes (new account resources are now initialized from a customizable account directory template)
  • Disable crashing verifyDelegator() code in allow() handler
  • Add support for HTTP COPY of external resources
  • Fix URI encoding in file listing and decoding to get file names
  • Fix issue where requesting a different format (e.g. text/turtle) of a JSON-LD resource crashed the server

3.5.0 Upgrade Notes

  • New config parameter: serverUri - Solid server uri (with protocol, hostname and port), defaults to https://localhost:8443. In multi-user ("idp": true) mode, new account directories are now created based on this serverUri parameter. For example, if the config.json contains the entry "serverUri": "", a new account for alice will create a subdirectory in the directory specified by the root config parameter.
  • New account template system. On first server startup, the contents of the default-account-template source folder get copied to config/account-template. When a new account is created, a copy is made of that new account template directory for the user. Server operators can customize the contents of this new account template for their server installation.
  • Email template system. Similarly to the new account template, the Welcome email that gets sent out on new user registration is generated from the customizable local config/email-templates/welcome.js template file, which gets copied from default-email-templates source folder on first startup.


  • Fix handling/url-encoding of container names
  • Allow video skip with Accept-Ranges
  • In a directory listing, add the media type class when we know it
  • Add the trailing slash on the URI of a folder listed within a folder


  • Refactor acl checker to use solid-permissions lib
  • Various DataBrowser fixes, dataBrowserOption option to specify path of db file


  • Refactor to use external solid-namespace library
  • Move debrack() to utils.js, remove unused vocab/rdf.js functions
  • Switch from node-mime to mime-types lib
  • Refactor acl.js to prep for external solid-permissions lib
  • Fix crash on PATCH request with no Content-Type


  • Misc fixes and features (see commit log)
  • Implemented COPY verb






  • feat: added Welcome Email
  • feat: added Email Service
  • other: ldnode turns into solid-server