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List of Solid Pod Providers
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To get started with Solid you will first need to get a Pod.

Pick from you Pod providers below.

You can also get an identity provider that is independent from your Pod and self host your Pod rather than opt for a Pod provider.

Pod Providers

Link Responsible for Domain Name and Terms of Use Responsible for Hosting Location of Hosting Solid Server Version Inrupt, Inc. Amazon USA 5.1.7 Authing Tencent Cloud China NSS 5.x

Experimental Solid Servers

The following servers are intended for experimental use and testing of new, unstable instances of a Solid server implementation. There should be no expectation of consistent availability for any server in this list, nor should there be an expectation of reliability or availability of data stored within. Created accounts may be deleted, or corrupted, based on experimental work.

In short, these are made for testing the latest, bleeding edge features and capabilities. Unless that's what you're doing, don't use any of these.

Link Responsible for Hosting Location of Hosting Solid Server Version PLDN ------------------- ------------------- started at Solid MIT academic project UK NSS 5.x OpenLink Software USA NSS 4.x OpenLink Software USA NSS 5.x Inrupt, Inc. USA NSS 5.x Matthias Evering Germany NSS 5.x ? NSS 5.1.0
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