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Solid Stakeholders

Below is a listing of Solid Stakeholders. Stakeholders are those affected by normative changes to the Solid Specification, Solid Roadmap, or Supporting Documentation.

Stakeholders who have opted to identify themselves publicly are listed below. Anyone may decide to identify themselves publicly as a Solid Stakeholder, but it is not mandatory. Identified stakeholders may be consulted for feedback as part of the editorial process.

Dishonest submissions, or submissions which violate the Code of Conduct are subject to removal.


Identity Providers

Name Identity Provider URL
OpenLink Software
  • Pod Providers

    Name Pod Provider URL
    OpenLink Software
  • Application Providers

    Name Application URL
    --------- Dechat_es5b
    --------- Dechat_es6b
    5 Apps Solid Notify
    Alain Bourgeois
  • Tiddlywiki
  • Solid File Widget
  • Solid authorization Widget
  • Allmende Lab Solidbase
    Andrei Sambra
  • Plume
  • Contacts
  • Inbox
  • Warp
  • Solid Signup app
  • WebID Profile editor
  • Angelo Veltens Solid Profile Viewer
    Contributors Dechat_es3b
    Contributors Dechat_es5a
    David Conorozzo File Extractor
    Dylan Martin Solid Calendar
    FactsMission Twee-Fi
    FormRouter Inc
  • Form Integration
  • File Extractor for Pods
  • graphMetrix graphMetrix
    Inrupt Solid React SDK by inrupt
    Jakub Klimek LinkedPipes Applications
    James Cole
  • Firefly-iii
  • Find Solid Pods
  • Jeff Zucker Solid Shell
    Jeff Zucker
  • Solid IDE
  • SPARQL Fiddle
  • Karel Dvořák Pixolid
    Licensors Dechat_en1b
    Licensors Dechat_en2a
    Licensors Dechat_en3a
    Licensors Dechat_es1a
    Licensors Dechat_es1b
    Licensors Dechat_es2b
    Licensors Dechat_es4a
    Licensors Dehat_es4b
    Licensors Dechat_es6a2
    Licensors Dechat_en2b/sole_chat
    Melvin Carvalho
  • Hello World
  • Mark Book
  • Noel de Martin Solid Focus
    OpenLink Software
  • OpenLink Structured Data Editor (OSDE)
  • OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS)
  • URIBurner
  • OpenLink Smart Data Bot (OSDB)
  • ODS-Briefcase
  • OpenLink YouID
  • Otto AA Solid File Manager
    Pieter Heyvaert
  • Solid Chess
  • Tadanime
  • Sarven Capadisli Dokieli
    Startin Blox Referendum Signons
    Taisuke Fukuno Taisukef
    Vincent Tunru Poddit
    Webize 2048


    Name WebID
    Kingsley Idehen
  • WebID 1
  • WebID 2
  • Tim Berners-Lee WebID
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