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User Stories

To illustrate how Solid would work it helps to look at this in terms of the UserStories published by the Social Web WG.

For each user story we will

  • recapitulate the story
  • give one or more ways of doing this with LDP
  • list protocol or vocabulary features that need to be developed to make this functional
  • point to (known) implementations

For the initial write up of the stories we will assume that the clients prefer Turtle formats ( because that is what bblfish himself is most comforable writing ).


A list of stories:

  • User Profile Management
    1. Kim creates a personal profile with her name, avatar picture, and home town.
    2. Kim updates her profile to include her job title, phone number and company name.
    3. Kim reconsiders her personal privacy boundaries; she updates her profile to remove her phone number.
  • Private Sharing
    1. Ian wants to share a file with Jane
    2. Ian posts the file file to his site with it set to only show to Jane.
    3. Jane receives a notice that Ian has shared a file with her.
    4. Jane views the file and decides to leave a thank you comment on the file for Ian
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