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Solid application configuration/preferences discovery (Draft)

The following describes app configuration discovery in the Solid framework using HTTP link following aka "follow your nose". This should not be confused with application data discovery

Starting point -- WebID

Fetching the Profile

The public profile is what you get when you look up someone's WebID directly. Strip off any hash and localid part. For example. ->

The starting point of discovery is a WebID user profile, which is a hash based URI, typically denoting a (FOAF) Agent. From this profile all of your storage can be found (discovery). The Profile typically contains public name and contact information about someone, and pointers to public data used by various apps.

When an application dereferences the public profile, it should also fetch any

  • owl:sameAs
  • rdfs:seeAlso
  • space:preferencesFile

links it finds in the public profile document (one level deep).

The preferencesFile is a private file that is linked from the main WebID profile, and contains miscellaneous data not in your public profile. In general, the same triples will be put in the public profile.


Once a complete view of the profile has been created, applications will follow links to discover where relevant configuration/preferences data is located.

A list (public or private) of

<#me>  space:AppIndex  <byType>.

And then in there things like

<#r5>  a solid:AppRegistration;
  solid:forApp  ghld:app-shedule
  solid:instanceIndex </polls/list.ttl>.

and then in /polls/list.ttl things like

<#i345> a solid:Instance;
  solid:forApp  ghld:app-shedule;
  dc:created 2012-12-09;
  solid:instance </polls/list3/congig#this>;