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A repository to submit user stories
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User Stories for Solid

This repository is meant for gathering user stories. User Stories are short descriptions of a need written from the perspective of a user, see this article for an example. They are generally of the form:

As a type-of-user, I want to some-goal so that some-reason.

To submit such a story, open an issue, and put the user story itself as the title. You may elaborate on it in the text, but strive to make the idea succinct enough to fit in that single line. Ideas that aren't fitting very well in this short format or need discussing first can be submitted to the forum.

The idea is that developers and architects can use these stories in their development efforts.

Obviously, Solid presents a wide open space of opportunity, and so, some things are relevant to different parts of the system. Most will be uses of Solid, as it is defined by the specs, for example, the story

As a pretty distracted person, I want to record my tasks in a TODO list so that I won't forget them.

Other things may require new functionality from the server, for example:

As a father, I want to set up a server for my family and only them, retaining some control of my children's accounts, to keep them safe on the Web.

This would require something new from the registration system, in terms of limits on who can register and what default Access Control Lists they will be given.

They are all welcome in this repository.

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