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Web Access Control (WAC)

Web Access Control (WAC) is a decentralized cross-domain access control system providing a way for Linked Data systems to set authorization conditions on HTTP resources using the Access Control List (ACL) model.

WAC (as used by the Solid Project) is based on Tim Berners-Lee's May 2009 proposal, as originally captured, and subsequently evolved by the community, at Web Access Control Wiki. This spec is a particular subset of the options and extensions described in the wiki, as well as implementation experience.

Implementations are strongly encouraged to use existing approaches that provide an extension of the rules of Linked Data, eg. Solid Protocol, LDP.

Work Items


All substantive contributors to any Work Items must be members of the Solid CG. It’s easy to join the CG if you’d like to contribute.

Anyone can join the chat.

Code of Conduct

All work and communication within the Solid CG is covered by the Solid Code of Conduct as well as the Positive Work Environment at W3C: Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.