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SolidCharity SaasAdmin

This is a tool to provide the administration for publishing your Software as a Service.

This software is brought to you by SolidCharity. We use it to publish OpenPetra and other Open Source Software as a Service.

WARNING: this is work in progress! We have just started. Quite a number of features is still missing.

Feature Description

  • This is a light weight tool.
  • Customers can sign up themselves, and get a free testing period first
  • You can create instances of your software beforehand, and have them available for new customers
  • We will integrate with one or multiple payment providers to manage recurring subscriptions.

Technology used


See the LICENSE file in this directory. We are using the BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License.


  • We recommend Debian or Ubuntu LTS or Fedora for development.

To get started:

apt-get install git make
git clone
cd saasadmin
make quickstart
make runserver

What we still need to do

  • create and send invoices to customers
  • export SEPA Direct Debit file
  • ...