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The outline of payments system sketched out in my head, I can start to implement it now -- the use cases I've come up with

  • wallet creation
  • ledger creation
  • online banking functions (statement, deposit, withdraw, pay)
  • paywall
  • streaming content delivery
  • tipping
  • donations and crowd funding
  • subscriptions
  • pay for solid storage
  • pay for solid services (e.g. CNAME or dyndns)
  • pay for security, passwords, keys, funds stored safely and protected via hashing
  • (book) marking
  • web of reputation
  • bounties
  • rewards
  • basic income
  • air drops and faucets
  • bootstrapping existing economies
  • bootstrapping existing social networks
  • realtime bots
  • productivity
  • IOUs
  • loans
  • public offerings
  • inter ledger payments
  • pay to inbox
  • in app purchases
  • pay for APIs or proxy servers
  • vouchers
  • pay for (micro) tasks, work, consultancy
  • accounting
  • payroll services
  • verification of transaction history
  • auditing, proof of keys, proof of reserves
  • decentralized autonomous organizations
  • time stamping and notary services (e.g. in space, on the block chain)
  • ethical advertising
    • paying to push an unsolicited message
      • basically you attack a voucher to a message, and the person can cash the voucher if they read the message, you wont cash the vouchers from your friends by convention, but you will cash the voucher from unsolicited messages, should you choose to read them -- you can then also have a reporting system in solid to minimize abuse
  • web contracts
  • web mining