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Could the attoparsec upper limit be lifted? #2

LeifW opened this Issue September 10, 2011 · 3 comments

2 participants

Leif Warner Jason Dusek
Leif Warner

It seems to compile and parse JSON fine with attoparsec
The cabal file restriction to attoparsec 0.8 is preventing me from upgrading some other things that depend on attoparsec 0.9

Jason Dusek solidsnack closed this September 10, 2011
Jason Dusek

Should be all set with JSONb-1.0.5 (commit 429573c).

Leif Warner

But umm, the attoparsec upper limit is still in place in "executable" section on line 53.

Jason Dusek

Okay, sorry. My system has both old and new Attoparsec installed. It really works this time! (commit 5085f8e)

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