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@kennyadsl kennyadsl released this 20 Apr 08:19
· 1115 commits to master since this release

馃帀 Solidus 3.0 is out!

This version is almost identical to the last 2.11.x version with the only difference that we removed all the code deprecated. Here's a list of things to take into account while upgrading.

Major Changes

Removal of all code deprecated during the 2.x series

The main change in this major version is the removal of all deprecated code that
we introduced during the 2.x series. This means that if any code that was deprecated
is still being used, the application will break. Following the deprecation messages
in the application logs, it should be quite easy to spot what code needs to be changed.

The main things that could break a Solidus application are:

Paranoia gem has been replaced by Discard gem

All references to methods added to models by Paranoia will raise a NoMethodError exception now.
Some of those methods are:

  • paranoia_destroy
  • paranoia_delete
  • with_deleted
  • only_deleted
  • really_destroy!
  • after_real_destroy

Pull Requests:

Removed core support to first_name and last_name in Spree::Address

In Solidus v2.11, we added a name attribute to Spree::Address, which is being populated combining
first_name and last_name values every time a new address is added to the system. We also provided
a rake task to update all existing records in order to get applications ready for Solidus 3.0.

With this major version, name is the only supported attributes. first_name and last_name fields are already in the database
so if needed, a store can revert this change by implementing its own logic.

See 3234 for the rationale behind this change.

Pull Requests:

All the other deprecations removal

For a complete reference to rest of the code removed, these PRs can be taken as reference:

  • Remove deprecated attachment_partial_name #3974 (kennyadsl)
  • Remove legacy address state validation logic #3847 (cedum)
  • Raise canceling a payment when try_void is not implemented #3844 ([kennyadsl](https://
  • Remove all code deprecated in Solidus v2.x #3818 (kennyadsl)

Removal without deprecations

We also removed some code that didn't need a deprecation warning. Be sure that your
codebase doesn't use any of the following:

  • Spree::LineItem::CurrencyMismatch exception: we are not using it anymore since the behavior we had with Spree::Config.raise_with_invalid_currency = true has been removed.
  • Spree::Order::Checkout is not used anymore. Spree::Core::StateMachines::Order is identical.
  • Spree::Admin::PaymentsHelper module is empty after removing all deprecated methods inside it.
  • UserPaymentSource is empty after removing all deprecated methods inside it.
  • Spree::Refund#perform_after_create attribute, it was into a deprecated path. If you are still using it, please stop, it does nothing now.
  • Spree::TaxCalculator#ShippingRate: it is always nil now.
  • Spree::Money::RUBY_NUMERIC_STRING: was only used in a deprecated code path.

We also removed the following preferences without deprecations. They were just controlling a deprecated
flow and have no effect so, assuming you already switched to the only accepted value, you can safely
remove them from your initializer. You'll probably notice that because your app won't start.

  • Spree::Config.raise_with_invalid_currency
  • Spree::Config.redirect_back_on_unauthorized preference
  • Spree::Config.run_order_validations_on_order_updater preference
  • Spree::Config.use_legacy_order_state_machine
  • Spree::Config.use_legacy_store_credit_reimbursement_category_name
  • Spree::Config.consider_actionless_promotion_active
  • Spree::Config.use_legacy_address_state_validator
  • Spree::Config.use_combined_first_and_last_name_in_address

By default, do not require the whole Rails framework

This shouldn't give any issue in host applications, but if that happens,
it can be easily fixable opening config/application.rb and add require 'rails/all' or
the specific part of Rails needed by the application.

  • Only require the necessary Rails frameworks #3478 (elia)

Switch Paperclip dependency to its maintained version

We recently added support for Active Support, which will be the default in Solidus 3.0.
Paperclip will still be around and supported for a while because we don't want to force
existing stores to accomplish the assets migration. While we support it, we want to use
the maintained fork.