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A Google Chrome developer tools extension for use by Solidus developers. Provides real-time introspection of API data and access to Solidus server error logs for use in debugging preprocessors executed in the Node.js runtime environment.

Solidus DevTools Screenshot


  • Clone the repo with git clone devtools-solidus


  • Download the .crx file from the latest release, or you can manually build your own (see below).
  • Open chrome://extensions in Chrome.
  • Drag and drop the .crx file onto the page and click "Add" to install.

#Manually Build

  • In order to manually build the extension, you will need a copy of the key file that has been generated for this extension. Once you obtain the key file, copy it to cert/key.pem.
  • Run npm install to install dependencies (npm will automatically run a script to install front-end dependencies using bower).
  • Run grunt build to generate an installable .crx file in the dist/ directory.


  • The extension currently requires a pre-release version of Solidus. To use this version, update package.json to point to "git+". A log_server_port port must also be specified in order for log streaming to work. Note that this feature won't work currently with the vagrant-solidus plugin.

  • Once the extension is installed, you can open Chrome's Developer Tools and you should see a "Solidus" tab.

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