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When you're ready to show your site to the public, you'll want to deploy it to a public server. Solidus websites can be deployed on any server capable of running Node.js, and is specifically tailored to services like Modulus, Heroku, and Appfog.


Deploying on Modulus

Here at Sparkart, we generally use Modulus to host our Solidus sites. While Solidus should work on any server that supports Node.js, this guide will focus on deploying with Modulus for simplicity.

Here's a simple step-by-step guide to deploying a Solidus site on Modulus:

  1. Get A Modulus account.
  2. Install the Modulus CLI. This isn't strictly required, as you can upload sites via the Modulus control panel, but it is the recommended method.
  3. Create a new project (either with the modulus project create command or via the control panel).
  4. Run modulus deploy from within your site's folder (or upload the site via the control panel).

If all of these are done successfully, your site should be live on Modulus. If you haven't yet set up a custom URL, it will automatically use something like

NEXT: Redirects


Solidus is still under development. If you have comments or questions, please reach out to us in our IRC channel: #solidus on


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